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Pre-Owned Wire Drawing Machine available.

Machine was built in 1996 and is equipped with 12 motors 42.5 Kw ea.
and one motor with 63 Kw.

Unit equipped with distributed control via Interbus S to Siemens PLC.


KOCH TUNERLINE wire drawing machine

model KGT1250/3-800/8-1250/1+KHS-800


Number of drafts:


Traction force, about:
block 1: 1250Kg (2,750#)
block 2-3: 1250Kg (2,750#)
block 4-11: 800Kg (1,760#)
block 12: 1250Kg (2,750#)


Wire material:
Various grades of Stainless Steel


Drawing range:
Max. inlet – 7.4mm (.290″)
Finishing – 1.0 to 4.0mm (.040″ – .156″)


Machine speed:
4200 fpm max., infinitely variable for continuous operation.


Block dia:
block 1: 600mm (24″) O.T.O
block 2-3: 600mm (24″) Tilted
block 4-11: 450mm (18″) Tilted
block 12: 600mm (24″) Vertical double rim with special straightener for final cast adjustment and stripper.


abt. 10-35% draft


Drawing die holder:
Adjustable for setting circle and helix cast, combined with a soapbox. Optionally vacuum hoses can be supplied at the mouth of every die. All the vacuum hoses are connected to a main header.


blocks – water cooled with special KOCH patented high efficiency, self cleaning CHAMBER cooling system.

dies – water cooled




European made


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