The New WIDE-SR Flyer Bow

The all new custom WIDE-SR bows are specifically designed to reduce mount failure, improve aerodynamics, and extend bow life. We offer bows for 560, 630, 760, 800 and 1250 mm SAMP bunchers with a full range of guide options. Each bow is 100% molded using tri-axially braided carbon fiber, for superior stiffness and strength. WIDE-SR flyer bows are designed to improve your wire producing ability.
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Traditional OEM clamping mounts can fail due to slippage and uneven clamp pressure. WIDE-SR bows are designed to bolt directly to the mount block, improving clamping strength and reducing mount failure.  The new mount blocks also shift the bow center line 1 mm up to relieve entry point pressure on the wear strip.

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Wire strikes are a major cause of bow failure. Only WIDE-SR bows feature a steel reinforced edge, which provides superior protection against wire break damage vs. conventional OEM bow designs.  This comes standard in all WIDE SR bows.

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WIDE-SR flyer bows are 26 mm wider than conventional OEM bows, and with improved aerodynamics and bow stiffened, have shown a 1-2 amp reduction in energy consumption.


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