The Braided Carbon Fiber Difference

The laminated bow competition machines square bows to create an aerodynamic surface and wire groove. Our bow technology features a 100% molded bow profile, which equals greater bow integrity and lower manufacturing costs. Also our triaxially braided carbon fiber is encapsulated in continuous sleeves, which means every single fiber of carbon runs unbroken through the entire bow length. This encapsulation process also allows us to create unique features like wire rope edges, which help protect your bows from wire strikes and premature bow failure. That is why our flyer bows are stronger and stiffer than any bow on the market today.
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Laminated Flyer Bows:

Competitors bows use a more traditional lamination process involving many sheets of thin carbon fiber fabric.  The subsequent bow is then machined to shape.  This method of fabriction produces substantially weaker quality flyer bows.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.45.27 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.45.35 PM
Braided Flyer Bows:

Using a unique nested sleeve method, we maintain carbon fiber integrity and maximize bow stiffness and strength.  Each carbon fiber strand runs continuously from one end of the bow to the next.  Braided sleeves also improve stress distribution along all three axis.

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