Wire Machine Systems offers many different large format flyer bows for bunchers ranging from 1000 to 2500mm.  Our braided flyer bows provide superior strength and longevity compared to traditional laminate carbon fiber or fiberglass.  We stock some configurations for Same Day Delivery and can emergency ship many in 2 working days.  Supply chain agreements are also available to ensure your machines never go down.
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We offer a full line of braided carbon fiber large format bows up to 150mm wide.  Braided carbon fiber is the superior solution for stiffness and longevity.  You will immediately notice the difference between our bows and the laminated competition.

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Unique construction techniques like I-Beam construction can be used to dramatically reduce bow weight by 40% without reducing stiffness.  By reducing bow weight we can increase energy savings and prolong bearing life.  Wire rope reinforced edges help guard against wire strikes and improve bow life.

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Guides can be tailored for any application including industry standards and custom fabricated designs.  We use only the highest quality roller bearings, carbide guides, and hardened steel wear surfaces.

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