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Single Bow Conversion D630 > D631 – for Niehoff Bunchers:

Convert your legacy Niehoff D630 into a single bow D631 machine. Reduces noise, costs, and energy consumption. Initial conversions have seen 30-35% energy reduction.

 Aero Bow
AERO BOW – for Niehoff Bunchers:

Our new AERO BOW design fits all Niehoff D631 and D630 machines with no re-balancing required.  Fully molded construction features a deep groove and aerodynamic profile.  Zirconium guides offer the best in wear resistance.  A 10% reduction in energy consumption is typical, and you don’t have to pay extra for the high OEM markup.

Wide SR
WIDE-SR – for SAMP Bunchers

Our new WIDE-SR design fits all SAMP machines 560, 630, 760, 800, and 1250.  Bolt-through mount maximizes bow life compared to inferior OEM design.  Steel rope edges and wider profile provides extra protection for wire breaks to prolong life.  Versatile guide options include ceramic, carbide, and rollers, with a slip-in wear strip for quick and easy maintenance.

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Machine Types

We offer a full range of flyer bows to fit 30+ buncher manufacturers, including 250+ designs for various machine sizes and wire applications. All of our flyer bows are made using aerospace grade carbon fiber and high strength epoxy resin, ensuring peak performance and long bow life. Click the highlighted manufacturers below to see specifications for individual flyer bows, individual pages currently under construction. If you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us for a custom design and quote.
  • ARCO
  • Bekeart
  • BEMA
  • Caballe
  • Ceeco
  • Cortinovis
  • Deangeli
  • Digeb
  • Edmands
  • EuroAlpha
  • Frigerio
  • GCR
  • Hamana
  • Kabmak
  • Kinrei
  • Lesmo
  • Machino Technicks
  • Maillefer
  • MGS
  • Miyazaki
  • Niehaus
  • Niehoff
  • Northampton
  • Pourtier
  • SAMP
  • Sanfeng
  • Selecta
  • Setic
  • Sket
  • TEC
  • Tecalsa
  • Trafco
  • Trefola
  • Usha Martin
  • Watson
  • Yoshida

Bow Hardware / Spare Parts

We also stock most standard guides, rollers, and wear strips. Wear strips are heat-treated to a Rockwell C48-51 for improved durability.
  • Ceramic Guides
  • Tungsten Carbide Guides
  • Zirconia Guides
  • Steel Rollers
  • Aluminum Rollers
  • Ceramic Rollers
  • Wear Strips punched
  • Wear Strips slip-in

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